VIP Logos, Marks and Seal

Acceptable elements of the visual identity program may be found in this guide. Strict enforcement of guidelines is vital to copyright protection.

Official logo:

KSU Logo

The logo consists of two parts: the mountain icon and the words Kennesaw State University in the horizontal configuration. The name “Kennesaw State University” appears in the Palatino typeface. Use only official logos. The registered trademark “®” symbol must be present on the logo. No other typefaces or combinations of typefaces are permitted in the primary logo.

General Usage Summary

The following standards govern the use of the university’s official logo, wordmark and seal in all forms of communication, including, but not limited to, print and electronic media. More detailed standards are spelled out throughout this guide.

  • The official logo and college-specific or unit-specific logos are essential means of visual communication.
  • The official logo must be used as the prominent graphic element in all publications — print and electronic — affiliated with the university.
  • The official logo, college-specific logos, unit-specific logos and wordmarks should not be modified in any manner. These symbols may be reproduced only from original master copies. To request a college-specific or unit-specific logo, contact Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at
  • The official logo is the primary identifier of the university and must be used as described in this guide.
    The wordmark and college-specific or unit-specific logos are secondary identifiers and must be used in conjunction with the official logo. The seal is reserved for presidential, official, ceremonial or formal uses.
  • Any associations or affiliates of the university that wish to use a specific identifier other than the official logo must have prior written approval from Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing and must use it in accordance with the guidelines in this guide.

Please remember the following about Kennesaw State University’s visual identity program:

  • We are one university with many voices.
  • We are traditional, yet contemporary.
  • We aim to differentiate ourselves from others.
  • Consistency is key.

The University official logo is available for download.

College-specific and unit-specific logos for Colleges and Departments:

In addition to the official university logo, divisions, colleges, departments and other approved units on campus are authorized to use a college-specific logo or unit-specific logo. These logos are created and issued by Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

The setup for the unit-specific logo is as shown:

unit-specific logo

The setup for the tiered unit-specific logo is as shown:

tiered unit-specific logo

The college-specific or unit-specific wordmark features the college or unit name placed above the university wordmark as shown:

word mark

Request for college-specific and unit-specific logos or wordmarks should be submitted to

Logos presented here are for visual context only and are not suitable for download. For an original logo for a specific college or administrative unit, please submit request to

one tier singleone tier double


By incorporating the unit name into the Kennesaw State logo, the unit receives prominence while retaining an overall university identity. The college-specific and unit-specific logos may be used on the front of major publications as long as the official Kennesaw State University logo appears on the back cover of the publication. These logos may be used alone in advertisements for individual colleges and units.

Unique college, school, department and other unit seals, logos or wordmarks may not be used on any university communication and no new logos may be developed.

Either the official Kennesaw State University logo or an approved college-specific or unit-specific logo must always be a prominent element of any advertising for the university and its colleges and units.

Approved graphic elements may not be grouped with the official, college-specific or unit-specific logos in any way as to appear as a larger composite piece. Graphic elements may never be used on letterhead, business cards or forms.

Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is responsible for producing and approving the use of college-specific and unit-specific logos. Requests for these logos should be directed to Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at

Other authorized marks



The seal is restricted for use on formal, official, ceremonial and presidential materials only. Using the university seal in college or unit publications is prohibited without prior approval from Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

KSU(no ™):


The KSU initials must never appear with a trademark symbol or in any type of
block font, particularly collegiate block. Palatino is the preferred font.


School Spirit Mark

University-sponsored student clubs and organizations may use the marks listed above with prior approval from Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing and according to the guidelines set forth in the Visual Standards Manual. Representatives from these organizations must have prior approval from the organizational hierarchy before contacting Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for assistance with the use of these marks. University departments may use the marks below for specific “school spirit” purposes. Any official communication or overall branding of the departments must be performed with the official university mark. Contact Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for assistance.