Official Logo Policy

In the past, some colleges, institutes and centers have requested a unique logo design that is different from the Kennesaw State identity. While we understand the desire for unique logos, we know that having a single visual element resonates with our many audiences and provides quick, easy and consistent recognition of entities within Kennesaw State University. As such, logos or graphic or visual elements designed outside of the standard identified in this guide will not be permitted.

In addition to the official logo, colleges and other approved units on campus are eligible to use a college-specific or unit-specific logo provided by Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. The template for these logos features the Kennesaw State name as well as the college or unit name. The use of symbols such as the ampersand or acronyms are unauthorized and should not appear within an authorized logo.

By incorporating the Kennesaw State name with the unit name, the unit name receives prominence while retaining an overall university identity. The college-specific or unit-specific name may be used on the front of major publications as long as the official Kennesaw State University logo appears on the back cover of the publication. The college-specific or unit-specific logo may be used by itself in advertisements for individual colleges and units. The college-specific or unit-specific logos may not be used on stationery or business cards.

Unique college, school, department and other unit seals, logos or wordmarks may not be used on any university communication, and no new logos may be developed.

Either the official Kennesaw State University logo, the approved college-specific, or unit-specific logo must always be a prominent element of any advertising for the university and its colleges and units.

Approved graphic elements may not be grouped with the official logo in any way as to appear as a larger composite piece. Additional graphic elements may never be used on letterhead, business cards or forms.

Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is responsible for producing and approving the use of college-specific and unit-specific logos. Requests for college-specific or unit-specific logos should be submitted to

Questions concerning usage of this guide should be directed to Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at 470-578-6203.