The Brand

When some people hear the word “brand” they think “logo” — a signature typeface, a captivating color scheme, a clever mark.

But a brand can be – and should – be much, much more. A strong brand is the expression of everything we do, say and deliver. It’s a unifying identity that distills our spirit and serves as a powerful visual reminder of our mission. It has reflections of who we are and points to the promise of what we can become.

At KSU we believe in the power of our brand. It’s the articulation of our student-centered focus and our commitment to explore, collaborate and unite a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and talents. It represents openness, challenge and opportunity. It channels the spirit of what it means to be Owls, and it lights the path so that together we all ascend to new heights.

The linked KSU Brand Guidebook outlines the core components and key tools that power our brand, providing guidance on how to apply our brand elements across a range of audiences, channels and creative elements. Our brand elements are built to work in harmony, helping brand communicators and ambassadors bring our brand to life each and every day. These stewards of the KSU brand have a responsibility – a duty to help deliver that brand essence with consistency and power.