Visual Identity Program

A Visual Identity Program (VIP) refers to a consistent approach to the visual design of communication materials so that an institution can transmit its primary messages in ways that are identifiable and memorable with its target audiences. Elements of a visual identity program include a signature, or logo, a family of typefaces and standard colors.

A consistent visual identity program will ensure communications from all parts of the university, regardless of their origin in academic or administrative units, can benefit from primary identification with the parent institution, resulting in a stronger Kennesaw State University.

Kennesaw State’s brand and visual identity program is an important part of the university’s overall marketing strategy. Having a cohesive and integrated brand and visual identity system helps the university to be readily recognized.

The brand and visual identity program is not designed to be restrictive. In fact, the system was created to be flexible, easy to use, and accommodating for units and colleges that wish to simultaneously market their own attributes.

Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is here to help answer questions and/or provide guidance in how Kennesaw State’s branding program can strengthen the efforts in your particular units. If you have any questions about the information presented in this online style guide, please feel free to contact our Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing team at 470-578-6203.

Thank you for working with us to enhance the reputation and recognition of this extraordinary institution.