Official Kennesaw State University stationery is purchased through a state contract, managed by the Office of Procurement and Contracting. The contract has been negotiated to provide lower costs, standardize information that’s aligned with the university’s visual identity. The printing of stationery through other sources, whether internal or external to the university, is prohibited as it violates the parameters of the state-awarded contract.

All colleges, departments, programs and administrative units are required to use the official business stationery package as illustrated on the following pages. Orders for stationery must be submitted through the approved vendor’s website. Use of the university’s indicia for business reply envelopes and other business uses must be reviewed and approved by the university’s postal services distribution center.

The official university business package includes:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
    • Letter size
    • Monarch size
  • Envelopes
    • No. 10 Business
    • No. 10 Business Window
    • Monarch
    • 9 ½ Booklet
    • No. 9 Business Reply
  • Notepads
  • Mailing labels

You may access the online ordering system at and follow the instructions contained in the Quick Start Guide.

Printing an item that is not a part of the contract is considered a custom order. All custom orders must be submitted for approval to Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at prior to printing.

Business Cards

Standard business card
The standard business card is for use by all faculty and staff members. Please note that due to the limited space on business cards, all orders are reviewed and approved by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing to ensure that only pertinent information is presented.

Option 1 will accommodate one line for the individual’s name, up to two lines for the title, one line for department or college name and five lines on the address information section.

Option 2 must be applied in the event that someone needs up to 3 lines for a title, 3 lines for departmental names and seven lines of text in the address information section. This option only accommodates street addresses that are 20 characters or less.

Business Card One

Option 1 Standard design with name and title centered

Business Card Two

Option 2 Standard design with name and title left aligned.

Student business card
Students are allowed to distribute business cards using the institutional logo for academic purposes only. To qualify for a student business card, students must meet the following criteria:  

  • be sponsored by an academic department or program.  
  • hold a leadership position/role within a registered student organization (RSO).

This includes graduate research assistances, master’s, and Ph.D. candidates. The card must feature “Student” under the individuals name. Please note students wishing to produce cards for personal purposes are unauthorized to use institutional marks when doing so. All requests for student business cards must be submitted for approval to the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at Approval must be obtained prior to production. 


Standard Letterhead
The standard letterhead is used for official university correspondence by all colleges, departments and administrative units.

Standard Letterhead

Monarch Letterhead
The monarch letterhead is used primarily for informal, interoffice correspondence.

Monarch Letterhead


#10 Envelope

Envelope NO10

#10 Envelope (Black)

Envelope NO10 Black

#10 Window Envelope

Envelope NO10 Window

#10 Window Envelope (Black)

Envelope NO10 Black Window

#9 Business Reply
Business reply envelope must be approved by KSU Postal Services

Envelope NO9 Bisuness Rely

9x12 Envelope

Envelope 9x12

Mailing Label

Mailing Label

Note Pad


Questions concerning stationery should be directed to Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at 470-578-6203.