Official Primary Colors

Official primary color usage

  • balck

    Official Black

    C0, M0, Y0, K100
    R35, G31, B32
    • gold

      Official Gold

      PMS 123
      C0, M24, Y94, K0
      R255, G196, B37

      Printing of Colors

      The standard version of the university logo and college- and unit-specific logos includes the mountain icon in PMS 123 or the four-color process equivalent with solid black lettering.


      oop logo

      One-color printing

      Solid-white logos are acceptable when two-color or four-color process reproduction is not an option. Only in one-color printing may the logo appear in other colors. It is recommended, however, that black ink be used whenever possible.



      Printing on color backgrounds

      When printing the logo on light backgrounds, use the primary logo. When reproducing on a darker background, use a reversed, white version of the logo as shown here. The logo must never be printed in a box or enclosed in any manner. The boxes below are to allow for viewing of the reversed version of the logo only.

      logo with black backgroundlogo with gold background


      Other color usage

      The logo may be produced in copper, gold or silver inks or foils. The logo may also be blind-embossed.

      Note that the PMS is designed for printing inks. Screen-printing inks and textile, paint and plastic colors may not accurately match the university logo colors. Please obtain color samples from licensed vendors and deliver to Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing for approval prior to production of items when using these materials. Submit all design mock-ups to for approval. All designs must be approved through Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.