Unacceptable Variations

Maintaining the integrity of the university’s official marks is important. All university marks and seal must be presented in a clear, consistent and effective manner.

The following guidelines are applicable at all times:

  • Do not modify official trademarks. This includes altering the opacity, watermarking or shading.
  • Do not rearrange any approved logos.
  • Do not change typefaces.
  • Do not distort original proportion.

The official logo may not be redrawn, reproportioned or modified in any way.

Use of high resolution or vector files should always be used when applying the logo. The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing issues and recommends the use of EPS and PNG formatted files for logo application. EPS files are recommended for Illustrator and other design software programs and PNG files are recommended for Microsoft Office and web applications.

The University official logo is available for download. For approval to use any college-specific logos, other university marks and the seal, submit requests to logos@kennesaw.edu.

Some examples of unacceptable uses of the logo:

Do not add elements or text to the logo.

unacceptable example 1

Do not change or alter the logo.

unacceptable example 2

Do not change color or add patterns or texture to logo.

unacceptable example 3

Do not disassemble the logo.

unacceptable example 4